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4 Special Needs  >  Mobility Accessories  >  Brushed Soap Dispenser

Brushed Soap Dispenser  Brushed Soap Dispenser Ref: BW -7LR-BA

Take a look at this for style: a sleek, stylish soap dispenser that makes hand- washing feel luxurious. But Mercury isn't all about looks. Under the clean finish, this multi purpose dispenser fits more hand care products than any other on the market.

With interchangeable pumps and fittings for refillable reservoir, disposable soap cartridges or pouches, this dispenser us versatile but can also be locked to your product, so customers always use your brand.

Soap Dispenser Features
  • Ideal for fixed liquid, spray or foam
  • Disposable Liquid Pump
  • Suitability - Soap and Institutional (disposable) pump - flowable liquid soaps, gels and creams foam and spray - liquids with a viscosity of between 1-20 cps
  • Capacity Refillable Reservoir - 900ml, disposable pouch 800ml, disposable cartridge - 1000ml
  • Pump - Soap/ spray /foam-acetal pump with viton seals. Institutional - vitaprene dispensing tube with polypropylene valve components
  • Soap - 2ml shot size (1ml available on request)
  • Spray 0.5ml shot size (0.25ml available on request)
  • Foam - 20ml foam shot (0.6ml liquid) (10ml shot (0.3ml liquid) available on request)
  • Institutional - 1ml shot size (maximum, dependant on product viscosity)
  • Materials - ABS Cover /backplate, PET windows Cover Plate - lacquered stainless steel. Polypropylene refillable reservoir /lid. Institutional - disposable LDPE cartridge or LLDPE/PET puch and intregral pump
  • Options - Permantely fixed pump, institutional - exclusive pouch to dispenser, institutional - disposable LDPE cartridge or LLDPE/PET pouch and integral pump
  • Dimensions - (mm) H255 x W130 x D 120 - Logo Max 30mm x 30mm Weight (approx) 0.5/0.6kg

  • Touch Free Version

    Suitability - Flowable liquid soaps, gels and creams
    Capacity - 650ml
    Pump - Acetal housing with viton seals and polypropylene pump 1, 2 or 3 ml shot size
    Battery - Space for two sets of 4 x AA batteries (unit operates on one set of batteries and automatically switches to second set when run down)


    Mercury Soap Dispensers - Please Tick

    7LR-BA Soap Dispenser 0.9 ltr refillable (liquid) 25.00 +vat

    7SR-BA Soap Dispenser 0.9 Ltr refillable (spray) 27.63 +vat

    7FR-BA Soap Dispenser 0.9 refillable (foam) 29.58 +vat

    7ER-BA Soap Dispenser 0.65 ltr Electronic (soap) 51.68 +vat

    7IP-BA Institutional Pouch & Cartridge Dispenser 24.38 +vat

    7LP-BA 0.8 LTR Pouch Dispenser (liquid) 24.38 +vat

    7SP-BA 0.8 LTR Pouch Dispenser (Spray) 27.63 +vat

    7FP-BA 0.8 LTR Pouch Dispenser (Foam) 29.58 +vat

    4 Special Needs  >  Mobility Accessories  >  Brushed Soap Dispenser

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