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4 Special Needs  >  Kitchen Aids  >  Relieve Angled Knives

Angled Relieve Knives Angled Relieve Knives Ref: Angled- Knives

These knives are intended mainly for people with weakened joints. The angled handle means the hand joints are not loaded incorrectly or painfully. A straight wrist, and hence a power grip, can be used. The knives are available in three versions: one standard size, one for small or children's hands and one folding knife that is easy to carry. 

091168756 Standard Weight 72g 12.00

091168764 Small Weight 37g 12.00 + vat

091168772 Folding Weight 72g 16.25 + vat

4 Special Needs  >  Kitchen Aids  >  Relieve Angled Knives

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